League of Legends: What Is OOM?

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In League of Legends, you would need various types of resources in order to function well on the game, including the required mana for you to activate the spells and skills of your champion.

And whenever you would hear the term OOM being mentioned by one of the players during your game, then there must be something happening which is related to his or her mana, or even for a teammate or enemy of him or her.


With that being said, here’s everything you need to know about OOM in League of Legends.

What Is OOM In League of Legends?

OOM in League of Legends is the abbreviated term for ‘out of mana.’

Mana is needed for the majority of the skills or attacks of every champion to be activated.


So, if someone would say that he or she is OOM, then there is a big chance that an attack he or she may use may not take effect.

But it may also be a signal that he or she may need help especially if an enemy champion/s tries to approach him or her.

That is why it is important to take note of terms often used by players such as OOM. If a response would happen immediately, then it may save you from losing the game.

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