League of Legends: What Is Funneling?

There are various strategies in League of Legends (LOL) that can be implemented by players and teams who enter matches even through solo or team queuing.

But probably one of the most popular strategies being used since the game was released 10 years ago is funneling - although maybe, not everyone is familiar with this term being used.

Yet we’re glad to help you with this. Keep reading and we will dive deeper about funneling in League of Legends.

What Is Funneling In League of Legends?

Funneling is the strategy used by a team wherein they will focus on hyper-leveling one champion – primarily their hyper-carry mid lane champion whose role would be more inclined on funneling gold and XP resources to the jungler.

With funneling, the core/carry would focus on supporting the mid lane hyper-carry for early ganks and possible pick-offs that can eventually provide an early boost in terms of resources. These can be used to buy core items in the early stages that can be useful both in the early and mid parts of the game.

Although this strategy may not work all the time especially in competitive play. But in low ELO gaming, this might work most of the time, and the opponent may have a hard time dealing with it – an indication that it is somehow effective at some point.

Well, this strategy wouldn’t be known in the first place if it didn’t work well for most players.

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