League of Legends: What Is Flash On D?

Some League of Legends (LOL) terms or jargons began as memes or informal language within the game which were later on adopted by the gaming community and have become popular since.

And one of those terms is Flash on D which was originally a meme term but is now known by most LOL players, especially those who are following the pro scene of the game.

But what does Flash on D exactly mean? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Flash On D In League of Legends?

Flash on D was the term referring to the argument whether a player should cast the summoner ability ‘Flash’ by using the D or F keys.

Although it works both ways, this has been an interesting debate that up to now is wildly seen by the LOL gaming community.

One major indication is that most LCS players tend to do Flash on D, while LCK players including Faker who could be considered as the greatest LOL player of all time uses Flash on F most of the time, or rather, every time.

So, which side are you on? Regardless, the important thing is that you should cast it at the right time to execute accurate plays or escapes during games.

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