League of Legends: What Is CC?

Since League of Legends (LOL) is a MOBA game, for sure there would be a lot of times that you would encounter the term CC.

Well, as you see the term itself is an abbreviated one. And it stands for something related to the MOBA aspect of the game which involves multiple players during a match in LOL.

But what does CC exactly mean in League of Legends? Keep reading to find out more.

What Is CC In League of Legends?

CC stands for crowd control in League of Legends.

And crowd control is the blanket term being used for the spells and abilities that affect the control being established by a target champion or creature through its abilities as well.

So, these CCs are used to prevent another unit’s abilities which can really be impactful and game-changing during the whole duration of an entire game in LOL.

That is why it is important that CCs or crowd control abilities are very vital in team composition. Most of these can be utilised through Support champions, although it can still vary depending on the champion being used.

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