League of Legends: Sneaky Reveals Why He Is Leaving Cloud9's LoL Team

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As rumors have been spreading about Sneaky’s departure from the Cloud9 League of Legends roster, it’s practically been confirmed that the franchise player is going to be departing the roster. He went on to discuss the reasons behind why he’s choosing to leave the team himself on his stream.


As expected by many - Sneaky revealed that he was leaving the roster due to the benchings that took place. He went on to discuss how he didn’t want to compete for his spot, as well as adding that he thought the first time he was benched was “unreasonable”.

Further indications of internal conflicts were given as Sneaky said “To me, I would not feel right in the situation because it feels like I’m trying to fight back for my spot with people who didn’t want me to be there."


Sneaky has been with the organization since 2013, as one of their most popular players; who has served as the face of the organisation from the very beginning. His stream is one of the most popular professional player streams and his contract was extended to 2021 earlier this year.


Although Sneaky has made it clear that he doesn’t wish to play with Cloud9, it hasn’t been clarified whether he will remain with the organization or not. At the time, he himself is considering whether to continue playing professionally or switch to full time streaming - although he has specifically said that he doesn’t wish to discontinue competitive play completely even if he opts for the latter.


Sneaky's future is completely in the dark, as he tries to figure out where to put his next step forward. Sneaky’s replacement is considered likely to be the former TSM player Zven according to Jacob Wolf, making their new bot lane Vulcan and Zven together.

The organisation finished second in 2019 across back-to-back splits with their current roster, although a disappointing performance at Worlds showed some of the internal strife going on.


With Svenskaren also expected to leave Cloud9, the organisation’s fielded roster for the initial split of 2020 is still unknown.

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Written byMamoon Sabri@ggTeaTime