League of Legends: How To Show Mastery

In MOBA games, a player’s mastery of a certain character is often shown to track how good he or she is when using that particular character.

One of those games includes League of Legends (LOL), in which players will most likely want to know their mastery level of a certain champion they are using. You may even show it in a way of ‘flexing’ how good you are when you use that champion. But how exactly can you show it in the game?

Well, do not worry and we got you covered. So, here’s how to show mastery in League of Legends.

How To Show Mastery Level In League Of Legends

Just log in to the League of Legends game client and begin a game using the champion that you want to use.

When you have started your game using the champion of your choice, hold the Ctrl + 6 keys to show your mastery. You may also utilize the /masterybadge command in your chat window.

How To Increase Mastery Level Of A Champion In League Of Legends

You can increase your mastery level of a champion in LOL by grinding and playing games. But you should take note that it is not just about the individual skills – the champion points you would receive also rely on your overall team performance, especially if you did well in your role.

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