League of Legends: How To Join Clubs

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Establishing camaraderie and friendship is one of the most important aspects that is being promoted by Riot Games’ League of Legends.

And one of their ways how they may do so is through the clubs wherein players may get to join one in order to meet other players from the same club as well. Quite exciting, right?


But how can you join clubs in League of Legends? Keep reading to know more.

How To Join Clubs In League of Legends

You may begin your journey to join a club in League of Legends by heading to the official LOL recruitment form.

By signing up, it will give you a chance to be nominated by a club member if he or she would want you to join them.


Afterwards, you may then be picked and invited by a Club owner or officer if they decide to take you in.

But aside from joining, you can also create your own club. Just open the game launcher and head to the tab located at the top part of your profile.

Once you clicked it, go to the bottom-most part of the screen and click the Create Club option once you find it.

Just have a name for the club that you want to create, although there is a 25-character limit in doing so. And as per Riot rules, no words showing profanity or immoral issues will be accepted.

That’s it! Follow us for more League of Legends guides like this one.

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