League of Legends: How To Get Blue Essence

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A lot of games utilize an in-game currency system wherein players may be able to purchase goods and items using what they have earned in playing the game.

One of those is Riot Games’ League of Legends (LOL). If you play a match in LOL, you will be eventually rewarded with the Blue Essence or commonly known as BE. But aside from grinding and playing matches, there are other ways you can get those. And you might be interested to find out how you can do it.


So, keep reading and we will dive deeper to know how to get Blue Essence (BE) in League of Legends.

How To Get Blue Essence In League Of Legends

The standard way of getting Blue Essence in League of Legends is to play the game. It’s that simple. You will be rewarded depending on your performance during a match.

But you can also earn BE by utilizing the game’s Hextech crafting system. You just need to collect Champion Shards which you will disenchant. It will grant you Hextech chests or level-up capsules which can give you BE.


You may also get BE by participating in LOL events, as well as watching the official esports scene of the game. BE is dropped from time to time if you participate in those, so make sure to follow us and we will update you with the latest in-game and esports events in LOL!

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