The Last of Us 2: How big is the game's budget?

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The Last of Us 2 is finally launching in June, and it looks like it'll be Naughty Dog's biggest game ever.

Of course, many will be wondering just how much the game has cost to make – especially given the multiple delays, incredible depth of animation on display, as well as the game's cast.


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The Last of Us Part 2: What is the game's budget?

Unfortunately, we simply don't know – Naughty Dog's position as a Sony first-party studio makes it difficult to ascertain how much money has been spent to create The Last of Us Part 2. 

Of course, with some of gaming's finest talent, as well as incredibly demanding working conditions, there's a good chance the game has been a huge investment for both publisher and developer.


Considering Horizon: Zero Dawn's estimated budget of over 45 million euros, there's a high chance TLOU 2 is one of Sony's more expensive titles.