The Last of Us Day 2021 Countdown: TLOU Factions Reveal, HBO TV Tease And More

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The Last of Us Day is coming, with Naughty Dog once again rolling out the red carpet to celebrate the post-apocalyptic masterpiece on September 26. Already Naughty Dog has teased that they'll have some "all-new content" to show fans; And as we know, Naughty Dog isn't shy about revealing big news or gameplay on this prestigious day.

In 2019, the developer used The Last of Us Day to reveal a behind-the-scenes video showing off new footage of The Last of Us 2. Now, we doubt we'll see anything hinting at The Last of Us 3 (as much as we'd all love that), but it's quite possible we see something related to The Last of Us HBO TV Show, or more additions to the cast list.

The most strongly rumoured and likely reveal is The Last of Us 2 Factions. The Multiplayer mode has been heavily leaked in previous months, with many signs pointng towards some sort of battle royal mode.

Previously dataminer Speclizer found several assets intended for the game's standalone multiplayer version, including maps. Speclizer said assets for Adler Park and Port of Camallito, among others, would have been combined to create an area that could support battle royale matches.

We could see an official reveal on September 26. Here's everything you need to know to ensure you don't miss a thing!

The Last of Us Day Countdown

Time Until The Last Of Us Day 'All New Content' Reveal

The Latest News

26 September 2021 -

The first still photo from HBO's TV adaptation has been unveiled, giving us our first look at Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey:

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26 September 2021 -

Naughty Dog's Rochelle Snyder wrote a community update, giving news on The Last of Us' upcoming multiplayer project:

In short, we’re working on it - we see the community comments as many of you clamor for multiplayer and want updates. For now, we’ll say that we love what the team is developing and want to give them time to build out their ambitious project, we’ll reveal more when it’s ready!

26 September 2021 -

A message from Naughty Dog can be found below (originally posted on the ND website). It sounds like the big reveal was a photo mode competition of some sorts. Although, they are teasing something else at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST late today. Which is in just over 7 hours. So check back then? Here's the note from Naughty Dog:

Hi, everyone! It’s been over a year since we released The Last of Us Part II, a major chapter in the growing The Last of Us universe. It’s that same world that we’ve been privileged to celebrate with the incredibly passionate and ever-growing fanbase for eight years! When we planned this year’s event, we aimed to make this day super engaging so we can celebrate the diverse and talented The Last of Us community on a global scale.
We’re very fortunate to have a great relationship with our community and The Last of Us Day is one of our favorite days to share and engage in back-and-forth dialogue with our fans. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, use the hashtag #TLOUDay to spread the cheer and good vibes. Share your art, cosplay, creations, Photo Mode shots, or even special memories of your experiences with The Last of Us universe. We’re looking forward to having you all join in on celebrating The Last of Us Day - we’ll be active on social all day!
To cap off the day, please check back at at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST for a The Last of Us Day wrap up note to you -- the amazing fans.

26 September 2021 -

FYI, there is no official stream, but we would recommend watching the livestream from TLOU Strategist (below)

26 September 2021 -

Not long to go now! A reminder, the big reveals start at 9am PT / 5pm BST / 6pm CET.

25 September 2021 -

It's now officially 1 whole year since Neil Druckmann tweeted the below and (potentially teased) that multiplayer-focused The Last of Us 2 Factions mode.

Could today finally reveal a release date? our first gameplay? Fingers crossed.

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25 September 2021 -

Fans have spotted one potential reveal already, in the form of an all-new vinyl titled, The Last of Us Part II: Covers and Rarities from Mondo.

Featuring all five acoustic covers from the game's pre-release marketing, or the game itself, this stunning collection of acoustic songs is an essential companion to the original soundtrack album, performed by Ashley Johnson (Ellie), Troy Baker (Joel), and guitarist Chris Rondinella.
This vinyl release features stunning new artwork by Dani Pendergast, and liner notes by the game's Director Neil Druckmann, and is pressed on 180 Gram Colored Vinyl (also available on 180 Gram Black Vinyl).

This album will be available for pre-order beginning Sunday, September 26th at 12PM CT at

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What Is 'The Last of Us Day'?

'The Last of Us Day' (previously known as 'Outbreak Day' prior to the COVID-19 pandemic) is a celebration of Naughty Dogs' seminal action-adventure series taking place every year on September 26.

The name and date of the event is derived from 'Outbreak Day' in the game. A point in time where the Cordyceps brain infection reached critical mass.

Since 2013 the developer has used the event as "[an] opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible passion of The Last of Us community".

In return, there's normally a bevy of new and exclusive items, content, and special promotions themed on the game.

What Time Is The Last of Us Day Reveal

In a new PlayStation blog post earlier this week, which was more geared towards showing new merch on offer, Naughty Dog revealed that they had some "all-new content" to show fans.

Naughty Dog communications chief Joshua Bradley confirmed that the big reveal will start on September 26 at 9am PT / 5pm BST / 6pm CET.

There's loads of new merch available this year
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There's loads of new merch available this year

How To Watch The Last of Us Day Reveal?

The big reveal should take place on the following url:

Currently the page shows only a message, which reads:

Annually since 2013, we here at Naughty Dog have celebrated The Last of Us Day – a special event that gives us the opportunity to recognize and honor the passion and support of the incredible The Last of Us community.

Please bookmark and check out this page on Sunday, September 26, 2021 when we unveil our exclusive lineup of items, content, and promotions for The Last of Us Day.

Also be sure to check out our socials on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for even more announcements and activities.

Endure and survive!

Be sure to bookmark this page for all information as it's revealed.

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