The Last of Us 2's new gameplay trailer makes the wait for Naughty Dog's post apocalyptic sequel feel longer than ever

The Last of Us 2 finally launches on June 19, 2020 – meaning we're getting closer to reuniting with Joel and Ellie, and fresh from revealing a Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Naughty Dog has revealed a stunning new gameplay trailer.

Offering an in-depth look at Ellie's new mobility options, stealth, and crafting, the game is looking to be just as harrowing as the first.

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You can check out the trailer below.

Among the new information revealed is that Ellie can craft and use items while prone, but doing so in long grass only keeps her hidden from enemies that are further away.

Ellie is also able to dodge, which means she can set up a tactical retreat or a counterattack during melee combat.

Crafting has been expanded significantly, and players will want to comb every area in the game for materials to make things such as landmines.

Finally, there is no way to get every upgrade for Ellie on your first playthrough, making choice and consequence a key part of the game's progression.

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