The Last of Us 2: Early Access And Pre-Loading: How To, When, Download Size and More!

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We are just under a week away until the release of The Last of Us 2!

The game has been pilling in 10/10 reviews, and it appears we are in for a treat when it releases. 

Gamers all over the world cannot wait to jump in, and you may be able to load up the game a bit early.

Herre's everything we know about pre-loading and early access!


Can I Pre-Load? 

Yes! Starting June 12th, 2020 players all over the world have been able to pre-load the game onto their PS4's.

This means they can download the full game before it is actually released, but will not be able to actually play the game. 


How Big Of A Download? 

When players go to download The Last of Us 2, they will need around 20.56 GB of storage on their PS4's. This will start the download but a Reddit user has claimed otherwise. 

The total amount of data the game is going to use is 76.97 GB of storage!

Photo via Reddit


Early Access? 

As of now, there is no way to get access to The Last of Us 2!

Players will be able to pre-load the game, but will not be able to jump into the action until June 19th!

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