The Last Of Us Part 2's Seattle Built With The Help Of inFAMOUS Second Son's Assets

The Last of Us Part 2 presented a detailed and ambitious look at a post-apocalyptic Seattle. But to bring this landscape to life, Naughty Dog received a helping hand from a fellow PlayStation studio.

In conversation with Game Informer, Naughty Dog co-presidents Neil Druckmann and Evan Wells talked more about the production process of Part 2. In doing so, they mentioned how their version of Seattle came to be.

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The Last Of Us Part 2's Seattle Built With The Help Of inFAMOUS Second Son's Assets

Wells noted that inFAMOUS Second Son was launched a few years prior, and replicated a sandbox environment of the city:

Very early on in The Last of Us Part 2 development, we knew that it was taking place in Seattle, and we knew that Sucker Punch had completely modelled Seattle for Infamous: Second Son.
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To assist in the early development of Part 2, Sucker Punch gave their Seattle assets to help Naughty Dog model the environment:

We said, 'We're not going to use the assets in the game, but we want to quickly feel out the space, so can we get access to those assets?' And they said, 'Sure,' and sent it over. We were able to quickly rough out the environment. That was a huge help.
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Druckmann also mentioned how the two studios worked together when motion-capping horses for Ghost of Tsushima and The Last Of Us Part 2:

Another thing that comes to mind when we were talking to Sucker Punch is that we were talking about mo-capping a horse for The Last of Us Part II, and we were looking for ways to do it, and they were like, “Oh, we’re about to do the same thing [for Ghost of Tsushima]. Let’s double up our efforts.” Motion capture for a big animal is a big deal, and we were able to just approach the problem together and use similar data, sometimes the same data for both games.

Sucker Punch's samurai epic received a Director's Cut a few weeks ago, which we praised in our review labeling Ghost of Tsushima "one of Sony's finest adventures."

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