Knockout City Goes Free-to-Play In Season 6

Knockout City is going free-to-play when Season 6 starts and furthermore, EA are no longer publishing it. Developer Velan Studios is now self-publishing the game, calling this "the natural next step" for the game and a result of this change, Season 5 will bring "a little less content" than previous seasons.

Confirmed on EA’s website, Velan Studios hopes more players will try Knockout City when Season 6 launches this Spring. Players who previously bought the game will receive a Loyalty Bundle, containing XP Boosters, 2,000 Holoblux currency, and exclusive legendary cosmetics.

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Knockout City Season 6 Will Make the Game Free-to-Play

In the meantime, Knockout City launches Season 5: Greatest Hits on March 1 but that'll lack extra content. Specifically, Velan confirmed:

"We have a bunch of behind-the-scenes work to do to get ready for going free-to-play, and our team is all-hands-on-deck working on that. As a result, Season 5 will have a little less content than some of our previous seasons. There won’t be a new Brawl Pass for Season 5, we’ll have fewer bundles and new cosmetics for the season, and there’s no new map or new ball."

We don't have a full release date for Knockout City Season 6 yet, though we'll keep you informed when that changes. Knockout City is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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