Jurassic World Evolution 2: How to Repair Broken Fences

Escaped dinosaurs are not a new concept in Jurassic World Evolution 2 but they can still cause a lot of problems. Mainly, they can mistake your guests for snacks and cause your reputation to plummet. To reduce the risk of a dinosaur escaping, you need to fix fences if they break. We're here to show you how to repair broken fences and hopefully stop snack time for the angrier dinosaurs.

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How to Repair Broken Fences

There are a few ways that you can repair broken fences but the quickest way is to pause live mode and build a new fence across the gap where the old one or broken one is. If the fence is broken but not totally destroyed then you can demolish that section and rebuild it.

The other two ways that you can fix broken fences is to use your Ranger Teams. You can click on a team then click the "assign task" option and click on the wrench icon above the broken fence. Once you have done this, the team will make their way to that section and fix it but they do seem to take their time. This is not ideal if you're trying to stop a dangerous dinosaur from escaping again.

Jurassic World Evolution Angry Spinosaurus
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Spinosaurus is a dinosaur with a lot of teeth that you will want to keep from escaping.

The second way that a Ranger Team can fix broken fences is if you click on a team and click the "direct control" option which allows you to drive the car/become the team. If you do this then you will need to drive to the broken fence and once you're close to it, you will need to click on the prompted control to "repair fence".

Any method that you choose will fix the fences but each method will take a different amount of time and the Ranger Team methods will need to be done while you're in live mode. This means that dinosaurs can escape while you're trying to fix a fence.

Keeping your guests safe is as important as keeping your dinosaurs safe in Jurassic World Evolution 2. A happy dinosaur is less likely to break a fence so you should take a look at our guide on how to perform status checks as this will help you to meet their needs. We also have a guide on all dinosaur types in the game.

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