Is It Takes Two Cross-Play?

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It Takes Two is the next big co-op focused game from EA after the success of A Way Out, a game that could only be played with another person with no option to play solo, which is a bit tricky due to the current climate, though there is online play so gamers don’t have to visit their friends for some couch co-op, as fun as that would be.

While the lack of single-player in any way is a bit jarring, fans of A Way Out are likely interested in seeing this type of gameplay again, though It Takes Two seems to be a more family-friendly co-op game so parents can play this with their children or siblings can play this with themselves.


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Does It Takes Two Have Cross-Play?

Fans curious about the game have wondered if It Takes Two will have cross-play but the answer to that is no, though there is some cross-gen co-op available.

PS5 owners that have It Takes Two can play the game with PS4 owners and the same goes for Xbox Series X and Xbox One players, but PS4 players hoping to play with their Xbox One friends will be disappointed.


EA also introduced a Friend’s Pass that lets owners of It Takes Two play with friends online who don’t have the game, which is actually a pretty nifty feature but it also only has cross-gen co-op and no cross-play in any way.

There’s a small chance that EA could add cross-play in It Takes Two sometime in the future, but fans shouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon, especially since Sony has been particularly strict about adding cross-play to games on their system.

It Takes Two comes out later this week on March 26 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.