New Indie Bundle Offers 65 Games for $5, Raising $37k for Wildlife Protection Charity

The World Land Trust Bundle arrived last week on and already, it's made an impact. Brought to us by Plant Based Gaming, that includes 65 indie games for a minimum donation of £3.77/$4.99 and already, they've raised over $37,000 for charity.

Running from December 3rd until December 10th, this is in support of the World Land Trust charity, who work to “protect and restore critically threatened habitats for wildlife, and in doing so, lock up carbon and address climate change.” 100% of these bundle profits will be donated accordingly.

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New Indie Bundle Offers 65 Games for $5, Raising $37k for Wildlife Protection Charity

As reported by GamesRadar, Plant Based Gaming's founder, Kris Wingfield-Bennett, said:

A massive thank you to all game developers who have come forward to support us getting the bundle together, the generosity and willingness to be involved has been so very heartwarming. With 100% of all proceeds going directly to the World Land Trust's Action Fund, everyone involved is playing an important part in saving our planet.

So, what's included within this bundle? There's a few acclaimed indies available here, which includes Cloud Gardens, Signs of the Sojourner, Coffee Talk, What Comes After, Samorost 2, Old Man's Journey and more. It's a great initiative, and we'll keep you informed with further indie developments.

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