Icarus: Is It Coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch Consoles?

Icarus First Cohort is the first launch campaign for the new survival sci-fi game. It drops players onto an earth-like planet that's filled with hostile wildlife and other players. Currently, the game is only available on Steam, with players able to squad up in teams of eight to take on the wilderness. It's a PvE survival game at heart, so would be right at home on consoles someday.

In this guide, we'll collect everything we know about a possible Icarus First Cohort console release, updating it when new info is released.

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Is Icarus Coming to PS5 and PS4?

Currently, Icarus is only available on Steam. There are no officially announced plans for the game to come to PS5 or PS4 consoles. In a reply to a Reddit post regarding possible console ports, a spokesperson for the developer had this to say:

'Currently we are launching Icarus on PC only, but are definitely staying open to the possibility of other consoles post launch.'

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Icarus Xbox Release

Given the reply to the Reddit Post we linked to above, we can infer that there are no plans for an Icarus Xbox release. This could certainly change in the future, but given that the game only launched recently on Steam, and is pretty PC-focused in terms of design, it could be a wait.

Any Plans For Icarus on Nintendo Switch?

There are no plans to release Icarus First Cohort, or its future campaigns, on Nintendo Switch. It is unlikely we will see a Switch port of this game, as it's pretty intensive, requiring high-level PC specs. Still, many companies have worked around the Switch's low power by offering Cloud versions of their games. We'll be sure to update this page once we hear more.

That's all we know about whether Icarus is releasing on consoles. We'll update this page when more information is released. In the meantime, take a look at our guide on the Max Level Cap currently available in the game.

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