Hyper Scape: Limited Time Faction War Mode

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Hyper Scape is out of Open Beta and has launched its first-ever season!

They have even created a new limited-time game mode!


Here's what you need to know about Faction War mode.

Limited Time Faction War Mode

The new Hyper Scape Faction War mode creates a more chaotic environment.

Players will be split into four teams of 24, 96 players in total.


The aim of the game is to eliminate as many enemies from the other factions as possible.

The rules are as normal and sectors will collapse as usual.

Faction Wars will let you respawn when eliminated at a respawn beacon.

There's a trailer on Hyper Scape’s official Twitter shows players what to expect in the new mode.

96 players. 4 factions. 1 urban arena. Drop into Hyper Scape's new limited-time game mode, Faction War, and engage in massive team battles to claim victory.Faction War is available to play until September 1. Play for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC today. pic.twitter.com/PhgLGpXRp1
— Hyper Scape (@HyperScapeGame)
August 18, 2020

This mode will be available to play until the 1st of September at 10 am PT so get playing!