Hyper Scape: How To Level Up Your Battle Pass! Tips, Tricks, Challenges and More!

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Ubisoft's brand new futuristic battle royale has started off with a bang, as it unexpectedly dropped into the laps of FPS fans recently.

Now, the game has been released into public beta for PC players all over the world and we are also able to claim some free battle pass tiers. 

For the rest of the battle pass, it appears you are on your own.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your battle pass to the max level!


Just Play

One of the best and simplest ways to level up your battle pass in any game is to just play the game. 

The more you play Hyper Scape the more chances you are going to encounter to get eliminations and maybe even victories. 

Committing some time and effort into the game will not only make you a better player but it will also level up your battle pass much quicker!



Besides playing the game, another one of the best ways to level up your battle pass is to complete the weekly challenges that are going to be present each week.

During the technical testing stages of the game, we got a sneak peek into what some of these challenges could be. With week one being completed by most players, we can assume these will be obtainable again since the public beta is out.

Gamejournalist was able to note that challenges from week one along with how many battle points you would obtain through each. Battle Points are the XP that will level up your battle pass!

  • Break barricades (75)
  • Deal damage with the Ripper (500)
  • Break supply crates (8)
  • Fuse items from Restore Points (35)
  • Outlive enemies in any game mode (300)
  • Reach the Showdown (5)
  • Deal damage with hacks (750)
  • Eliminate other enemies (50)



More Challenges? 

We can assume each week the game is playable, Ubisoft will release brand new challenges which will be the best way to level up your battle pass so you can snag these sweet rewards!

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