Hyper Scape: Best Keyboard, Mouse And Audio Settings

Hyper Scape was released earlier last week for technical testing, and streamers and players all over the world were granted access to test out this new BR.

Featuring one of a kind integration with Twitch, streamers can essentially control the game with their chat voting on certain in-game events.

With every battle royale having an ample amount of settings, some should be changed and some shouldn't.

Here are the best settings for Hyper Scape.

Video Settings

The first setting we are going to talk about all depends on the type of PC you are using.

If you have a beefy PC, then you might as well leave most of the settings maxed out; as the game looks quite good compared to other battle royales.

One video setting that is vital is the FOV; we recommended turning this up to at least 100. Seeing more of the game is always better, and you will find the game also looks a lot better with more FOV.



Next is the keybinds that you can change to your heart's desire in Hyper Scape.

The main ones you might change is the Hack Ability keybinds. Think of these are your abilities in Overwatch or building keys in Fortnite, change these two to whatever keys or mouse binds are most comfortable for you.


This one is also completely subjective, there isn't a lot of changes that can be made to the audio settings.

However, if you feel as the game is too loud then you can turn it down like most games!

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