Hyper Scape: Best Hack Combinations for Ubisoft's New Battle Royale!

Ubisoft recently showcased their first entry into the battle royal genre with Hyper Scape.

A new Twitch friendly battle royale that has a large emphasis on aggressive gameplay, and some unique abilities or better know as hacks.

These hacks can be paired together during the match and players have already been coming with some insane combos.

Here are the best hacks to use together in Hyper Scape!

How Do I Get Them?

One would think you get to equip these abilities before the beginning of a match, so you can choose which ones you want to enter the battlefield with.

Instead, players will need to find these hacks around the map which be obtained via the loot boxes!

List of Hacks/Abilities? 

  • Armor - Negate ALL damage while active, also you cannot shoot, ads or use any other ability while the Armor Hack is active.
  • Ball - Turn yourself into a bouncing ball. This can be broken by enemy attacks. 
  • Heal – Heal yourself and teammates in a set area
  • Invisibility – Set yourself to become invisible and sneak around the map. Shooting will break the invisibility and enemies do get an audio cue when activated.
  • Mine – Place a mine down and as enemies get within range, it will zero in on them and explode.
  • Reveal – Send out a ping of the nearby area. Any enemies spotted will be visible, though they will have a warning.
  • Slam – Jump up into the air and slam down with incredible force. Can also be used to stay high in the sky to shoot enemies.
  • Teleport – Aim for a different location and quickly teleport over there.
  • Wall – Build a wall in a set direction to provide cover. Can also be placed while in midair. 


Best Combinations

Since you are able to pick up two abilities per match, there are an ample amount of combinations you can use in Hyper Scape.

However, like anything, there are always some combos that are going to prevail over others!

Here are some of the ones we think will offer some of the best gameplay in Hyper Scape:

  • Slam and Ball - With this combination you can sky high with the Ball hack and then come soaring down with Slam
  • Wall and Teleport - Setting up your walls in the air, you can then teleport higher and set up more walls in the air. Doing this will allow you to rain hell from above on your enemies
  • Armor and Heal - This a solid media combination we think will be a good part of the meta
  • Reveal and Invisibility - First, you are going to want to use Reveal to show where some enemies are; then using Invisibility you can flank them from any direction

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