Hyper Front Release Date, Characters, Weapons, and Everything We Know

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April 14, 2022: LATAM/Australia residents can sign up for the Hyper Front beta by following these instructions. Good luck!

With clear similarities to tactical hero shooter Valorant, Hyper Front is gearing up to bring strategic 5v5 FPS gameplay to mobile before Riot Games' own port sees the light of day. A Hyper Front release date is probably still a fair while away yet, but the chatty nature of the game's social media accounts already put it far above the closely-guarded secret that is Valorant Mobile in terms of tangible existence.

Developed by NetEase Games, the free-to-play game contains a wealth of weaponry in addition to numerous heroes with various abilities that can lead to spectacular moments of tactical gameplay. Verbal and non-verbal communication are likely to be key to your survival, and it's good to know that more game developers are trying to figure out a way to make small-scale tactical shooters work on mobile.

For those looking at this from the Valorant bubble, the Valorant spend calculator is probably up your alley. Hyper Front is already showcasing microtransaction chops, and being aware of your own spending habits can certainly help prepare you for a potential mobile gaming switch.

When Is the Hyper Front Release Date?

So far, the game has launched in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. NetEase is looking to launch the game globally, but an exact Hyper Front release date has yet to appear. Given the game already has an EN Twitter account, it's safe to assume a worldwide release is at least in the planning stages.

Hyper Front Gameplay
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Hyper Front Heroes and Abilities - Who Can You Play As?

Triple Shot, Jetpack, Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate)
Horizon Blocked, Spacetime Leap, Spatial Jump (Ultimate)
Blood Raider
Blindness, Bloodthirst, Beserk (Ultimate)
Icecore Trap, Ice Barrier, Freezing Storm (Ultimate)
Breath Healing, Slowing Vortex, Revitalise (Ultimate)
Faith Arrow
Scouting Arrow, Burning Arrow, Mega Shark Rocket (Ultimate)
Drone, Stun Grenade, Homing Grenade (Ultimate)
Cycloneburst, Tornadoburst, Tornado (Ultimate)
Lighning Dash, Plasma State, Ion Shock (Ultimate)
Auto Turret, Shield of Perseverance, Area Explosion (Ultimate)

The current build contains a total of ten playable heroes with each of them having two basic abilities alongside an ultimate. Check out a full list of heroes and their abilities in the table above. Exact details are sparse at the moment, but expect them to trickle out of the Hyper Front beta over time.

Hyper Front Weapons - How Many Weapons Are There?

Sniper Rifle
Heavy Pistol

Going off an early shot of the Deathmatch screen from the beta test, there looks to be upward of 20 Hyper Front weapons already in the game. Check the table above to see at least the name and type of weapon you can expect to use.

Right now, it's looking fairly similar to the Valorant Mobile list, with the game itself certainly borrowing some ideas for Riot Games' creation as it stands.

What Hyper Front Maps and Modes Are There?

Hyper Front features a variety of vibrant battlegrounds set in all kinds of places. Here are just a few of the Hyper Front maps we know of so far:

  • Momijigawa
  • Polar Exploration Center
  • City of Citizens - Kavilek
  • City of Gardens - Strocci

Alongside the standard Search and Destroy mode, there are a number of other modes that offer different experiences from the usual dose of tactical gameplay. Check out the full list of Hyper Scape game modes below:

  • Death Fight
  • Arms Race
  • Unranked Search and Destroy
  • Ranked Search and Destroy

Will Hyper Front Have Microtransactions?

You can't avoid them. Hyper Front microtransactions are confirmed to be a think. The current beta test shows things like weapon skins and fancy masks already being up for sale. What's interesting is that they also seem to have stock limits as well, so only the faster purchases will be able to get their hands on the daily revolving cosmetic items.

That's all there is to know about Hyper Front so far! Be sure to bookmark this page to find all the latest news surrounding the release of this highly promising mobile shooter. For vaguely similar mobile shooters, check out the PUBG Mobile 1.9 schedule, and everything we know about the Apex Legends Mobile release date now that in early access.

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