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Creative Assembly, along with Sega, has unveiled their new multiplayer shooter: Hyenas.

So what is the game? Basically, billionaires have taken over Mars after Earth crumbled, and now people are acting as pirates to plunder the ships bringing treasures across the galaxy. Notice the character holding a Rubik's cube in the trailer? That's the treasure; remains of our past. Matches will have teams of three face off and try to loot as much treasure as they can, while avoiding the AI security and spaceship-centric hurdles, such as rooms with zero gravity.

While we await our missions in space, we suggest you check out some other games like Fortnite, or upcoming Overwatch 2.

Is there an Alpha Test for Hyenas?

Screenshot of the Hyenas website for the alpha sign ups.
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Creative Assembly are currently taking sign-ups for another alpha via their website for Hyenas. You'll need to make and sign in to a Creative Assembly account (which you can do right here). There will be an application form to fill out. Then, let the wait commence.

If you are chosen to play the alpha, you'll need to sign an NDA to keep the game nice and secret until it is released. You'll get an email with the key for the game, via Steam, and then you're set.

As for how and where the alpha can be played, it will start in Europe and North America on PC, and then expand to wider areas and different platforms in later tests.

When is the Hyenas release date?

So far Hyenas does not have a release date but is scheduled for a 2023 launch. This could change as the game is in its development phase right now.

What platforms will Hyenas be on?

Hyenas will release across most platforms, including PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series S, and Series X, and on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Any alpha and subsequent beta tests will likely be on PC, with other platforms following later.

What characters are there in Hyenas?

Each playable character in Hyenas will fit into one of three roles: Exploit, Evade, or Engage. These characters will have different roles, like hacking, support, speed, or fighting.

We've seen three specific characters so far that feature in the trailer, too:

  • Doc Hotfix
    • Doc brings the humour to the game, with fourth-wall-breaking jokes, as he imagines he's in the game. It is likely that he will be a hacker due to this, and may be an Exploit character.
  • Commander Wright
    • That weird foam in the trailer? That's Commander Wright. She can be used to create barriers to allow an escape, or platforms to use. Commander is an Exploit.
  • The Pro
    • Your typical bank robber. Wields a shotgun, and wears a mask of President Nixon. He is an Engage character.

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