Warframe 2 - News and what we'd love to see

The character in Warframe.

The character in Warframe.

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Any Warframe 2 news fast becomes a hot topic. Even though Warframe was released 10 years ago, the game still remains extremely popular. It draws the attention of thousands of people daily, being one of the best MMOs in the gaming community nowadays.

In this hub, and you will find out everything that is known about Warframe 2. There will be Warfare 2 news, and what we’d love to see in the game. Also, the guide includes valuable rumours and a subjective opinion to make some conclusions about Warframe 2.

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Warframe 2 latest news

Three soldiers holding weapons in Warframe.
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Even though Warframe was released 10 years ago, Warframe 2 is not widely discussed. Digital Extremes still cares about its most popular game and releases updates. Updates are not extremely frequent, but they allow players to not forget about the game and enjoy its new content.

If you head to the news, you will not find any official comments on the development of the Warframe sequel. Conversely, in July 2022, Digital Extremes announced its new game, Soulframe. As developers said, Soulframe is not the sequel to Warframe. It is an entirely new video game that will be a mirror universe of Warframe. Therefore, if you are a big fan of Warframe, Soulframe is likely to be worth your attention.

In 2022, the developers said the game was still in the early stages of development. The first ideas about Soulframe appeared in 2019, but development only started in February 2022. The disappointing fact is that most leading developers of Warframe, like Steve Sinclair, switched to the new project. Therefore, the development of the new content for Warframe will be significantly slowed.

Therefore, Warframe 2 will never be officially announced until the developers release Soulframe. Moreover, in the first year after the release of Soulframe, you should not expect any news about the Warframe sequel. Even though Digital Extremes has over 300 developers, they can not work on three grand projects simultaneously.

Even if they decide to expand the Warframe series, the earliest release date for the new Warframe 2 is around 2029. They need two more years to finish the development of Soulframe, one year to fix all bugs and glitches and get as much money from Soulframe as possible, and three years to work on Warframe 2 and release it.

Five things we want to see in Warframe 2

Multiple characters in Warframe.
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The absence of news doesn't stop players from creating ideas for Warframe 2. If you head to the Warframe subreddit and various other forums dedicated to the game, you will find out that creative individuals suggest different updates for Warframe 2. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Warframe 2.

New roles for Syndicates

In Warframe, there are 18 unique Syndicates. Syndicates are one of the key features in the game, and they significantly diversify the gameplay. But the main problem is that people used to play with the same Syndicates for 10 years. Therefore, it would be best to change Syndicates in Warframe 2 entirely. The developers could add new Syndicates, delete old ones, and unite a few syndicates into factions.

New story

The story is one of the most exciting parts of Warframe. Even though it might appear pretty complex for beginners, you start to enjoy the Warframe story as soon as you dive deeper. In Warframe 2, people want to see an entirely new story with various exciting aspects that make the game more and more interesting. Also, the developers can create an exciting continuation for Warframe. This is also widely requested.

More open-world areas

If you have played Warframe for a long time, you probably know that the game is only partially open-world. Completing most missions, you tend to strictly stick to the procedurally-generated levels. Even though there are various open-world areas, players want to see them even more in Warframe 2. It might be pretty hard to achieve, but it will attract many new players to the game.

More cooperative content

Even though Warframe features crossplay, the game lacks cooperative content. With appropriate gear, you can easily complete most of the missions in the game solo. Every type of mission has a workaround that allows you to complete it without teammates. In Warframe 2, the developers have to force players to work together in order to achieve specific objectives. It does not mean that the game should become multiplayer-focused, but there should be more content for groups.

Scaling rewards

Scaling rewards is one of the most widely requested changes for Warframe 2. Generally, the system is extremely straightforward. It means the more time you spend completing the mission, the better rewards you will get. Nowadays, there is no benefit in surviving for a long time during the mission. The best way is to simply increase rewards for the time you spend on the specific mission.

That’s it for our look at Warframe 2. Even though the game is unlikely to be released soon, it is widely discussed on the internet. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free RPG games.

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