Titanfall 3 - News and what we'd love to see

Two robots in Titanfall 2.

Two robots in Titanfall 2.

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Even though Apex Legends overshadowed other Respawn Entertainment projects, real fans of the Titanfall series have been waiting for information on Titanfall 3. Respawn's fast-paced robot shooter proved a hit among players, leaving many wanting more.

Titanfall 2 offered a polished experience packed with innovations and with a few players still dropping into the action, some fans are hoping Respawn Entertainment plans on reviving the series in the future.

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Titanfall 3 release date rumours

So far, Respawn Entertainment hasn't given any indication on a Titanfall 3 release date, which is disappointing. However, there's still a chance the developer has something up its sleeves.

As soon as we hear more about the Titanfall 3 release date, we'll update the hub with everything there is to know.

The character in Titanfall 2.
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Titanfall 3 news

The latest Titanfall news emerged in February 2023 following EA's decision to cancel a brand-new game in the series. However, this wasn't Titanfall 3. Instead, the game was Titanfall Legends which would've featured BT-7274 once again.

Although it's annoying that Titanfall Legends won't see the light of day, it does mean there's still a chance for Titanfall 3 to make an appearance.

Titanfall 3 news
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

What we want to see in Titanfall 3

New weapons

Finding a shooter player who does not like having plenty of weapons playing his favourite video game is nearly impossible. Many people want to have even more weapons in the new Titanfall game. Ranging from grenade launchers to snipers, an expanded arsenal would prove popular.

Better customisation

More customisation refers not only to Titans but to weapons and every single aspect of Titanfall 3.

In Titanfall 3, many people expect to see much more customization options. It would be best if you could customize everything, from the armor you can wear to the weapons you use.

Titanfall 3 leaks
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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Expanded co-op

Co-op mode was one of the main features of Titanfall 2. It helped developers to get many fans worldwide. Of course, in the new Titanfall 3, players want to see a significantly improved version of the classic co-op mode.

It would be best to add new enemies and mechanics into the co-op to not turn it into endless smashing of monsters like in Titanfall 2.

New graphics

One of the main disadvantages of Titanfall 2 is that it was made using The Source engine which significantly limits developers' graphic capabilities.

There's a high chance Unreal Engine 5 or Frostbite will be used to create Titanfall 3 unless Respawn Entertainment has other plans on how to create the ultimate shooter game where huge robots can turn the tide of a match.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about the Titanfall 3 release date so far While you're here, check out the best free strategy games.

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