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Multiple ships in Sea of Thieves.

Multiple ships in Sea of Thieves.

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As time goes on, and the popularity of Sea of Thieves decreases, rumours about Sea of Thieves 2 becomes more frequent. Sea of Thieves was probably one of the most discussed releases in 2018. In 2021, the game set a new record of five million monthly active players.

In this hub, you'll find all the latest Sea of Thieves 2 news and what we’d love to see in the game. The guide will include rumours, leaks, and subjective opinion that might help you estimate whether it is worth waiting for this game.

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Sea of Thieves 2 latest news

A pirate leaning against a wall in Sea of Thieves.
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Currently, it's impossible to predict whether Sea of Thieves 2 will be released. If you look at the start of 2022, the developers posted a video called Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event, in which they shared plans for developing Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, there were no official comments on the sequel to Sea of Thieves, or hints that the game is under development.

A few months after that, in March 2022, an exciting leak appeared on the internet. Twitter user Idle Sloth, a pretty famous person in the Xbox games industry, noticed that on the official Discord channel of Sea of Thieves, user Atherza, who played the Sea of Thieves 2 alpha version, appeared.

Unfortunately, the official source of this leak is a removed Reddit post. Therefore, the leak might appear to be Photoshop, or simply a rumour to create hype on Sea of Thieves 2. Despite that, many people hope Rare is working on a sequel for Sea of Thieves 2.

Finally, a little bit later in 2022 on the official Sea of Thieves website, a discussion appeared named “Would you be interested in Sea of Thieves 2?” Even though the discussion was later closed, and it is impossible to access it and read people’s comments on Sea of Thieves 2, you can be sure that most people support the idea of a sequel.

It would not only return a lot of players to the game, but also attract new players to Sea of Thieves. The only question here is whether developers support the idea of the Sea of Thieves sequel or not. Generally, it is impossible to predict.

Talking about the particular release date for Sea of Thieves 2, it is pretty challenging to predict the specific time. If you look back in history, you will find out that Sea of Thieves was under development for four years before it got public release. Of course, Rare includes many more developers than six or eight years ago. Therefore, the development of the game could go much faster than with Sea of Thieves.

The earliest release date for Sea of Thieves 2 is 2026, in case the developers announce the game soon. If they don't announce it soon, that'll be even further into the future.

Five things we want to see in Sea of Thieves 2

Multiple pirates in Sea of Thieves.
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Ever since the release of Sea of Thieves in 2018, players on gaming forums and Reddit have suggested ideas for Sea of Thieves 2. Continue reading the guide, and you will find out the top five things people want to see in Sea of Thieves 2.

More complex combat system

Even though combat in Sea of Thieves still works pretty well, every battle becomes predictable if you play the game for a long time. Therefore, most players want to see more complex combat in Sea of Thieves 2. Perhaps new weapons or mechanics could be added.

Cross-server progression

Cross-server progression is one of the most specific things that can be added to Sea of Thieves 2. It should allow you to easily save your progress when you want to move between servers. However, you should take into account that the chances that this function will be added to the game are extremely low.

Bounty hunting

Bounty hunting is one of the best systems that can help the developers get rid of griefers in Sea of Thieves. The main point of bounty hunting is to make griefers visible on the map, and give people rewards for killing them. Moreover, the developers could create specific alliances in which players can gather to fight against griefers.

More gameplay features

People who have played Sea of Thieves for a long time report that it can get incredibly repetitive. If you are not a big fan of ship battles, playing the game for a long time is nearly impossible. Therefore, in the new Sea of Thieves game, people expect to see more exciting features that can diversify the gameplay, making the game more unique.

Ability to escape PvP

If you have played Sea of Thieves for a long time, you probably know that it is pretty challenging to escape PvP playing the game. You can do specific manouvres to get a slight chance of avoiding a fight with another player, but this isn't easy. In Sea of Thieves 2, players expect the ability to avoid PvP, especially against more powerful opponents.

That’s it for our look at the release of Sea of Thieves 2. Even though there is no official information about the release, the game is widely requested in the gaming community. While you are still here, make sure to check our guide on how to get curses in Sea of Thieves.

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