Planet Coaster 2 - News and what we'd love to see

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Promotional art for Planet Coaster 2
Credit: Frontier Development
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When Frontier announced Planet Coaster back in 2016, it was met with a wave of excitement and adoration and although it still remains a fantastic game, we wonder if perhaps there might be a Planet Coaster 2 release date in our future.

Whilst the original Planet Coaster certainly did encourage the player to step into the mind of a tycoon and play their cards right, most of the time players instead opted for death machines or extraordinary coaster creations. Since its release, Planet Coaster has seen a large swathe of DLC, free updates and events that have improved and expanded the game. So the real question is, will there be a Planet Coaster 2?


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Planet Coaster 2 latest news

Realistically speaking, Planet Coaster itself is a near-perfect game. Most sequels are intended to build upon and improve a game with new features, but since Planet Coaster's release, it's seen so much love and work from Frontier its hard to wonder whether there will be a second game at all.

Frontier instead used the same engine and a lot of similar mechanics to create the equally popular and beloved Planet Zoo. Regardless, each DLC Frontier released for Planet Coaster boasted a new theme each time, but frequent updates always fixed any bugs or issues the game had, meaning Planet Coaster was constantly kept in stable and excellent condition.

So whilst we may love to see a Planet Coaster 2, it's unlikely Frontier will make a sequel to the already brilliant game any time soon. That being said, it's very likely that there next project will be in the same genre as Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo. Some fans believed we might see Planet Cities as a competitor to Cities: Skylines, another city-building game.

That being said, if we did indeed see an announcement of Planet Coaster 2, here are some things we'd love to see.

What we'd like to see in Planet Coaster 2


Water Parks

Whilst most of the DLC added a number of features to the game, none ever added something quite as big or substantial as an entirely new mechanic for coaster-building. In particular, fans of Planet Coaster have been especially keen on seeing water-based rides being added to the game.

Not just rides you can add some water themes to, but rather a proper water park. Wave pools, lazy rivers, slides, and so on. Some fantastic coaster players have been able to create their own makeshift water parks, which certainly drew some allure to the prospect altogether.

Co-op gameplay

Many fans have wanted a cooperative mode for both Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo. Although players can visit each other's parks, they can't work on one together. But to be able to share a single park with a friend as the two of your work together on building it would be a fantastic experience. Whether they want to challenge a friend or simply relax and slowly expand their parks together, the option would be a welcome one.


VR features

In Planet Coaster, you can choose to see through the eyes of the park attendants as they ride on the various rides. However, if players could also have the option to use VR when spying through their attendees' eyes, they could experience their own park through a more exciting lens. Though, it would likely have to be play tested quite thoroughly, to avoid excess motion sickness.

Joint parks

Another fan-favourite feature on many people's wishlists is the possibility of fusing Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo together, to create enormous and fantastic theme parks. It could feature both animals and a number of rides similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, which had a zoo, roller coasters, and water parks.

It's not impossible for this to happen, considering Frontier has two fully developed games that, with some fine-tuning and maintenance, could function together in one game.


Mod support

Planet Coaster gives players the option to download a number of rides placed in the public Steam workshops, but when it comes to mods there's no real easy support. With community modding, Planet Coaster could trust its many fans and creative modders to make some of the very things in our own wishlist, and allowing for easy access to modding would only do them favours with the player base.

Whether or not we see Planet Coaster 2, there's clearly a lot of content that could be added and thus create another popular game. Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo are both beloved and Frontier has shown themselves to their fans, thus gaining support for whatever project they might end up working on. But certainly, it seems as though fans would love to see another Planet Zoo or Planet Coaster.