New World 2 release date speculation - News and what we'd love to see

The character in New World.

The character in New World.

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Looking far into the future for New World 2 release date speculation? You could be waiting a while, but there's plenty of room to dream up the perfect sequel. It's rare for MMOs to get the numbered follow-up treatment, but it's certainly the easier way of talking about what could next without confusing matters.

After a massive release in late 2021, New World tapered off a bit in terms of popularity. Down to the usual server woes of a big release and some fairly light end game content, it wasn't until the release of the Brimstone Sands expansion that it landed in the limelight again. With news of the game shifting slightly to a more reliable battle pass system, there's reason to believe it could be a way to keep the game ticking along while a worthy successor is made.

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New World 2 News

A little more than a year has passed since the release of New World. In the timeline of the typical MMORPG, the game is just starting its journey. The developers are actively working to support the game and fix any of the initial issues its first wave of players expressed, with the Brimstone Sands expansion offering a larger chunk of these improvements in 2022.

All things considered, it's still too early to talk about any potential New World 2 release date. There is no news from the developers regarding statement about the development of a sequel. But they are constantly announcing new game content updates.

Most recently, Amazon Games released the Winter Convergence event, where we fought the Winter Warrior for valuable rewards. Armor sets used to switch between builds more easily were introduced, and the game kickstarted 2023 with plans to offer a reliable Battle Pass-style system to keep new content and player incentives coming to the game.

Two characters are fighting in New World.
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One of the most long-awaited features will soon appear in New World - the transmog feature, freeing your character from the confines of gear sets, and instead allowing them to wear the clothing of their choice while retaining the bonuses of the best.

Again, New World is still largely in its infancy when compared to the growth of new MMORPGs. World of Warcraft is approaching its 20th year, Everquest is still kicking, and FFXIV only recently hit its peak after a complete rework and another ten years on the market. If New World looks prime for a sequel purely to right the wrongs of its first outing, you're ruling it out far too quickly.

What we would love to see in New World 2

At the time of writing, the developers have not said a word about the possible development of New World 2. However, we have a few ideas on how to make a possible sequel even better.

Random events

While playing New World, you can complete various quests and events. They are fun and can give you great rewards, but they're largely linear. Random events, which would ideally start at different times, could help New World 2 feel more alive.


Exploring Aeternum on foot can be quite exhausting for the player, especially for those who have already passed the same locations for the hundredth time. And we think that the sequel should definitely have mounts. They're great for getting around, and they're wonderful content factories for collectors.

Mounts are coming to New World sometime in 2023, and that's enough reason to believe they'll be in any potential New World 2 at launch. The developers didn't include them in their vision for the game, but they can't look more out of place than the current, clunky ways people employ to get around the game right now.

Improved fishing

Fishing in New World is not one of the important activities, but it can bring you many useful resources. Unfortunately, the fishing mini-game is a bit dull as it stands. We don't really know how to make fishing a more enjoyable experience, but we'd like to see the dev team take another look at it.

Activities for any weapon

There are many different activities in New World, but being forced to use specific weapon types during Expeditions isn't one of its strongest decisions. Therefore, we hope that in New World 2, everyone will be able to use weapons to their liking in any activity. Being pigeonholed into a specific playstyle is never a good time.

Unique weapon design

In our opinion, some of the weapons in the original game look very boring. And it's made all the more frustrating since New World also has a lot of beautifully designed weapons you'll seldom see. If New World 2 ever comes out, we'd love to see a stronger focus on elaborate weapon design.

That's all you need to know about the development of New World 2. Unfortunately, now nothing is known about the sequel. Therefore, we can only wait until Amazon Games announces a new game. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best free friends games.

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