Mad World Age of Darkness - Release date speculation and latest news

Multiple creatures in Mad World Age of Darkness.

Multiple creatures in Mad World Age of Darkness.

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Mad World Age of Darkness is a grim, dark, and stylish MMORPG, which is of great interest to gamers across the world. So, today we are going to look at everything we know so far about Mad World Age of Darkness.

Even though the game is far from the release, we already have some information about it. Also, Mad World Age of Darkness is running a pre-registration event, which we're going to talk about it too.

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What is Mad World Age of Darkness?

Mad World Age of Darkness is an upcoming MMORPG from Jandisoft that has stylish 2D graphics and a grotesque design. There you will encounter various creatures and abominations that look like they came from books by H.P. Lovecraft or Clive Barker. Also, judging by some screenshots, there are monsters that bring a Warhammer vibe as well.

Multiple characters are on the bridge in Mad World Age of Darkness.
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What are Shadow Children in Mad World Age of Darkness?

Shadow Children are the main playable characters and classes in Mad World Age of Darkness. You and other Shadow Children will have to cooperate to fight against the toughest monsters, demons, and abominations you’ll encounter on your way. You’ll need to survive together and work out an effective strategy against each of your opponents.

Classes in Mad World Age of Darkness

The game features a flexible character development system that allows you to create any hero. Your class is based on the weapon you currently use. So, your character can be a tough tank, a skilled warrior, or a powerful mage.

Of course, such a system gives you an opportunity to change your class by giving the character another weapon. So, you have lots of options and with the flexibility of the class system, you can try them all.

In order to improve your character, you will have to visit an NPC, who looks like a blacksmith. He allows you to spend your resources on various perks and upgrades from a huge skill tree. Also, you’ll likely have more NPCs of that sort who will help you to progress through the game's story and make your character stronger.

What is the plot of Mad World Age of Darkness?

The game’s lore and the main story look promising, as it takes place in a grimdark world filled with desperate and hopeless people. The plot is likely to be unpredictable and probably cruel to the characters.

We are likely to encounter lots of deceivers, liars, and other people who will try to betray us. After all, the chances of a noble and kind person being born in such a world are really low.

How does combat work?

In the gameplay trailers, we saw some combat footage, and they show some kind of beat-em-up fighting system. Your character is able to move in four directions and perform various attacks. In order to beat the toughest enemies, you’ll have to avoid their attacks and land your hits at the right time.

Also, your entire strategy and combat role are based on the class you use. For example, characters with staves or magic rods were shown as backline damage dealers, while sword wielders preferred to fight their enemies face-to-face.

In this article, we already mentioned terrifying creatures that you’ll encounter in huge quantities. The strongest among them are bosses, and the game features a lot of them. You’ll have to study their attack patterns and then use this knowledge to achieve victory. Some of these creatures look gigantic, so you will need to team up with other players to defeat them.

Multiple characters are fighting on the bridge in Mad World Age of Darkness.
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What are daily quests in Mad World Age of Darkness?

Besides bosses and levelling, there's other fun stuff to do in Mad World Age of Darkness. For example, we saw some daily quests that you can complete to get different rewards. Also, all gear upgrades require you to use some materials and you will likely have to farm these resources.

Are there mounts in the game?

Of course, the MMO game has some mounts you can ride. In one of the trailers, we saw a wolf that has armour, its own health bar, and some passive skills. The game will likely have more mounts that you can summon.

On top of that, Mad World Age of Darkness has 2D graphics that make this game look like Don’t Starve or Darkest Dungeon. Games with such graphics usually rely on design rather than special effects.

Mad World Age of Darkness pre-registration event

The developers launched a pre-registration event, and you can read more details about it on Steam. In order to sign up, you’ll simply need to go to the game’s website.

Mad World Age of Darkness is an indie MMO and it may be interesting for fans of The Binding of Isaac, Don’t Starve, Darkest Dungeon, and other 2D grotesque and dark projects. Hopefully, the game will be released soon and all of us will get an opportunity to enjoy it!

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