Kingdom Hearts 4 - News and what we'd love to see

Multiple characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Multiple characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 is a hot topic of conversation following news of a Kingdom Hearts sequel being in the works. While leaks and ideas keep fuelling the rumour mill, some fans prefer to predict when the game will launch.

In our hub, you'll find the latest Kingdom Hearts 4 news and what we’d love to see in the game. With plenty of discussion surrounding the release, there's a lot to cover.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 news

Multiple characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.
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The release of Kingdom Hearts 4 doesn't feel real to many fans, but the game was officially announced during the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary celebration event. The announcement caught the entire gaming industry by surprise.

Developers confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 4 would start a new chapter in the series' history. So, if you've not played Kingdom Hearts yet, waiting for the new release is one of the best things you can do.

It's in early, so a release date announcement might be far away. Once it is, we'll update the hub with everything you need to know.

What we want to see in Kingdom Hearts 4

Even though Kingdom Hearts 4 was officially confirmed in April 2022, fans immediately started thinking of what they want to see. Here's what we want to see included in Square Enix's next instalment:

Improved combat system

The combat system is one area many want to improve in Kingdom Hearts 4. From tweaking of difficulty levels to giving players more options in combat, there's a lot the developers could do to make improvements.

In many fights, it feels like too much is happening on screen at once. That does showcase the iconic worlds the series often utilises, but the action could be streamlined a little.

Extensive open world

After watching the trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4, many players are hoping for a hugely immersive open world packed with new areas to explore. Although there's a high chance their ideas don't come to fruition and we'll continue to visit smaller contained worlds in the sequel, a brand-new world to explore is always exciting.

More realism

Even from the first hours of playing Kingdom Hearts games, you might notice that the game is far from a copy of real life. Many fans hope the new Kingdom Hearts game will be more down to earth. However, you shouldn't build significant expectations if you're after a realistic experience.

Star Wars world

It is nearly impossible to find a Kingdom Hearts player who hasn't discussed a Star Wars world being added to the game. As Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, many fans hope Star Wars will appear in Kingdom Hearts 4. Moreover, people wait for the Star Wars world and various characters from Star Wars films and TV Shows.

There you have it, that's all there is to know about Kingdom Hearts 4 so far. While you're here, check out the best action-adventure games.

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