The House of the Dead Remake - All Endings and Routes

Sega's cheesy arcade zombie shooter has reemerged from its coffin, and we're hoping that all the alternate The House of the Dead Remake endings have as well. We know the idea exists in the game, but we don't know just how many there are. Until we know for certain, listing every House of the Dead Remake ending route we can from the original title.

The original port of the arcade cabinet version included three different endings. The paths and unlock methods weren't difficult to distinguish, but only a handful of players were able to find any but the first. Here are the steps you'll need to take to see all three confirmed House of the Dead Remake endings.

The House of the Dead Remake is a rare reintroduction of a lightgun game. As such, we don't have many alternatives to shine a spotlight on right now. Instead, check our Dead by Daylight codes page if you want some timely freebies in the popular multiplayer horror game.

All House of the Dead Remake Endings and Routes

It's worth noting that until the game releases and we have the means to properly test these routes, the House of the Dead Remade endings below are technically unconfirmed.

They're taken directly from the original Sega Saturn version of the game. They could have been added to, removed, or changed in this remake, but we won't know for certain until the game is in more hands.

Mansion Ending - Neutral Ending

This is the default The House of the Dead Remake ending screen. To get this one, just complete the game after using at least one continue. As you can imagine, the original designers didn't expect you to manage it without using one.

Sophie Is Alive Ending - Good Ending

To get this classic The House of the Dead Remake ending, all you need to do is complete the game without using a single continue. You even need to score 60,000 points at the same time, so get your aim in order and save those civilians.

Zombie Sophie Ending - Bad Ending

If you manage to clear the game without using a continue but fail to hit that 60,000 point threshold, you'll see an ending that depicts Sophie as a zombie instead.

Again, it's possible that the House of the Dead ending routes have all been tweaked for this remake. It's billed as a faithful recreation, but being rebuilt from the ground up means new endings could have been added, the routes or missions could have been changed, or the scoring system could have been recalculated. Only time will tell, but we'll be sure to include any and all changes discovered here.

And that's, obviously, all there is to say on the topic of The House of the Dead Remake endings right now. If you're looking for similarly corny games, we suggest looking for The Presentation Experience codes. It's a Roblox game, sure, but it's just as funny as this remake of Sega's classic arcade hit.

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