The House of the Dead Remake Cheat Codes

Sega's classically corny arcade zombie shooter has returned, and we're waiting hopefully to hear that The House of the Dead Remake cheat codes are here to stay. Until anyone breaks the bad news, we're listing every single one of the original game's cheat codes below. If the developers wanted a faithful recreation, they'd have included them.

The console port of the original cabinet included a handful of helpful input commands (or codes) that unlocked anything from secret characters to unlimited ammunition. Being able to rattle off bullets without an off-screen reload makes things a lot more fun for the trigger-happy zombie blasters out there, after all.

The House of the Dead Remake is a unique beast. Light gun games have died out since their arcade heights, and as such, we don't have many alternatives to shine a spotlight on here. Instead, check our Dead by Daylight codes page if you want some timely freebies in the asymmetric multiplayer horror game.

All House of the Dead Remake Cheat Codes

Unlimited Ammo
Hold L+R and tap Y, Y, Y while playing.
Secret Characters
On the character select screen hold L+R and press up, down, X, Y, and Z in order.
Clear the Pause screen
Press X, Y, and ZR on the pause screen
Show Score
Hold L+R and press X, X, X on the pause screen.

It's worth noting that until the game releases and we have the means to properly test these commands, the House of the Dead Remade cheat codes listed above are experimental and unconfirmed. They're listed as simple conversions, swapping out known commands from the original Sega Saturn version to match those you'd make on a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.

There's every chance The House of the Dead Remake cheat codes don't exist in this version, use different buttons entirely, or have simply listed in a more modern cheats menu for all to see. There's also the possibility that more The House of the Dead Remake cheat codes could have been added for this version, but we'll have to wait and see.

And that's, obviously, all there is to say on the topic of The House of the Dead Remake cheat codes right now. If you're looking for similarly corny games, we suggest looking for The Presentation Experience codes. It's a Roblox game, sure, but it's just as funny as this remake of Sega's classic arcade hit.

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