Horizon Zero Dawn Racoon Locations To Farm Skin and Bone

One of the most uncommon species living in Horizon Zero Dawn is the raccoon. It can be hardly seen compared to other animals like the boars and rats. But hunting these could be worth it because of the loot that can be acquired by doing so.

Browse through this article to know where to hunt raccoons in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Where To Hunt Raccoons In Horizon Zero Dawn

Most of the raccoons in the game can be found in wooded areas. The most notable location housing a handful of raccoons is in the southwestern corner of the map. Specifically, it is on the Sacred Lands part that can be seen in the map itself.

Raccoons do not assault Aloy in any way. But when it detects someone coming closer, it runs away quickly unless its perpetrator is undetected. Although most of the time, it only takes one arrow shot to kill a raccoon. So, taking one calm aim to the animal should do for players to take it down.

When hunted down, raccoons drop various meat types. Yet there are times that they could also drop either raccoon skins or raccoon bones.

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