Horizon Zero Dawn: Metal Flower Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn is free to own for any PS4 and PS5 owner right now so if you haven’t played the game yet, there’s no better time to try the game out than now, especially since we’re getting a sequel soon.

Like a number of open-world games, Horizon Zero Dawn has plenty of things to do for players, whether they are collectibles that flesh out the game’s lore a bit or challenges that give players more skills to use.

For now, we're looking to help you find all the Metal Flowers in the game, so if you're struggling to find them all, read on.

You can also use the interactive Horizon Zero Dawn map, just below, to make your search even easier.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Metal Flower Locations

Metal Flowers are some of the most plentiful things you’ll collect in Horizon Zero Dawn, easier to find than most, even though there are more of them.

Definitely get them though as players can get some great rewards if they are traded in with merchants. Also consider getting a map so that it will be easier to find them in the open-world, just to keep things simpler.

Anyway, here are the locations of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Metal Flowers.

Metal Flower Mark 1

  • Mark 1 A: Head to the ruins where Alloy stumbled into as a child, destroy the door made of stalactites, and take the Metal Flower.
  • Mark 1 B: Before you head into the game’s open-world, head to the southwest of the map and look for a tightrope, which will bring you to the Metal Flower.
  • Mark 1 C: Outside the walls of Mother’s Embrace, head to the waypoint of the map until you reach a row of abandoned houses, with the Metal Flower being found in the hill behind them.
  • Mark 1 D: At the end of The War-Chief’s Trail Mission, you can see the Metal Flower behind the enemy base.
  • Mark 1 E: Check the west of the middle of the map’s marker, it will be harder not to see it.
  • Mark 1 F: Go to the ruin south of the third Metal Flower in this list, you will see a hole in the ground with water where you will see the Metal Flower.
  • Mark 1 G: Since you have the Metal Flower map, you should see this one at the center of its icon, though watch out for the Sawtooths.
  • Mark 1 H: Hug the eastern side of the lake while you make your way to the waypoint, keeping out of sight of the Glinthawks. Veer to the east to stay in the treeline to keep hidden from Tramplers and the Sawtooth. The flower is just south of the center of the marker.
  • Mark 1 I: Head to the marker right by the broadhead symbol on the map. The metal flower is in the middle of a cluster of trees.
  • Mark 1 J: The flower is to the west of the center of the market on the map. It’s slightly up the mountains above the two patrolling Sawtooths.

Metal Flower Mark 2

  • Mark 2 A: This Metal Flower is guarded by a lot of enemies so simply dash in there, grab the Metal Flower, and fast travel out there.
  • Mark 2 B: You’ll see this Metal Flower guarded by two Snapmaws, so beat them to get the Metal Flower.
  • Mark 2 C: You’ll see this Metal Flower west of its marker, in a hill along a stream with no enemies to go through.
  • Mark 2 D: On top of a mountain, though be careful because it’s being guarded by Glinthawks.
  • Mark 2 E: South of the waypoint, you will find these two Metal Flowers guarded by several enemies, so either use stealth or go crazy with your weapons.
  • Mark 2 F: At the center of its marker, you can find it on top of a mountain not being guarded by anything.
  • Mark 2 G: The Metal Flower is south of its marker and guarded by Glinthawks on top of a cliff.
  • Mark 2 H: Players can find this Metal Flower southwest of the marker’s center, not being guarded by all.
  • Mark 2 I: You can find this Metal Flower on top of some tall cliffs, though it’s a bit of a hike.
  • Mark 2 J: Near a huge lake that’s guarded by Snapmaws so be prepared to use stealth or get in a fight.

Metal Flower Mark 3

  • Mark 3 A: Go west from the marker, and you should find it on a hill that overlooks the water.
  • Mark 3 B: Up a hill guarded by Flinthawks.
  • Mark 3 C: On top of a mountain with a Sawtooth nearby, should be easy to see due to the Snow.
  • Mark 3 D: This one is near some Frozen Bellowbacks so sneak in to get this Metal Flower.
  • Mark 3 E: On top of the mountain, in the middle of the map’s waypoint.
  • Mark 3 F: In the middle of the map’s waypoint, it’s on top of a cliff guarded by Flinthawks.
  • Mark 3 G: On top of a cliff, it shouldn't be hard to find.
  • Mark 3 H: A bit south of the marker’s middle, you don’t need to go to the island with Snapmaws.
  • Mark 3 I: Guarded by three Flinthawks, on top of a cliff, make sure you’re upgraded for this battle.
  • Mark 3 J: It’s right under the bridge over the stream.
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