Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer Training Dummies Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn has a total of 23 Grazer training dummies, and players may knock these out with no specific reason at all. There are no rewards beyond the rare "Downed 23 Grazer Dummies" trophy.

With that being said, here are all the Grazer training dummy locations in Horizon Zero Dawn.

You can also use the interactive map just below to help you locate the 23 Grazer training dummies, too.

Horizon Zero Dawn Grazer Dummies Locations Guide

1. Mother’s Heart

There are two Grazer training dummies in this location. The first one is near the bonfire. The second is placed just behind the house beside the bonfire.

2. Mother’s Watch

Two Grazer training dummies can be found in this area. Both of which are outside the north wall which is between the merchant and the walls of the settlement and the bonfire.

3. Mother’s Rise

This location is on the eastern part of Mother’s Heart. One Grazer training dummy is near the settlement above a handful of racks, while the other one is placed on the cliffs just behind the bonfire.

4. Mother’s Cradle

Here, two Grazer training dummies can be knocked off by players. The first one is set on the right corner of the settlement. The second is located outside the settlement, just some steps away from the road forks.

5. Mother’s Crown

There are two Grazer training dummies that can be found on the corner of the settlement heading northwest.

6. Rost and Aloy’s House

This location houses the most number of Grazer training dummies. There are seven available in this area. One is placed right in front of the house, one below the ledge from the house’s north side, two are on the north side of the bonfire, and three on the south.

7. Devil’s Thirst Camp

There is one Grazer training dummy in the Devil’s Thirst Camp. Players can find the dummy inside the gate, more on the camp’s southeast corner.

8. Nora Hunting Grounds

Two Grazer training dummies could be seen on the south part of the house in this area.

9. Hunter’s Gathering

In the Hunter’s Gathering settlement, two Grazer training dummies can be defeated by players. One is placed towards the northwest side of the bonfire. The other one is on the northern side of the bonfire, specifically behind some tents in the area.

10. Two-Teeth

The last Grazer training dummy is located in the Two-Teeth bandit camp. They can be found along the side of the cliff.

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