Horizon Zero Dawn Fox Locations To Farm Skin and Bone

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A fox in Horizon Zero Dawn can be considered a rare animal. Most of the time, players may need to use the small, augmented reality device Focus to find those. Not just because of how rare these species are, but foxes are also capable of running in random patterns to avoid perpetrators that hunt those.

But if players would be successful in hunting foxes, loot such as fox skins and fox bones could be rewarded to them. Both of these are vital in performing various crafting recipes.

With all things considered, here’s the guide on where to hunt foxes in Horizon Zero Dawn.


Where To Hunt Foxes In Horizon Zero Dawn

Since foxes may not be as common as the other animals, most of these can be located in the forest. Here, foxes could be more rampant compared to the other biomes available in the game, such as the meadows and water biomes.

Hunting foxes may grant players fox skins, fox bones, and different types of meat. Although the skins and bones are more common to be dropped compared to the meat items.

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