Horizon Zero Dawn: Ancient Vessel Locations

It’s still kind of shocking how Sony decided to let people download Horizon Zero Dawn for free as part of their Play at Home service, but we can’t complain since it lets fans play a very good open-world game with a wonderful story.

Also helping is the fact that we’re getting a cross-gen sequel to the game soon, coming to both PS4 and PS5 so if there’s any time to play this game, it’s now because, well, it’s free.

For now, we're looking to help you find all the Ancient Vessels in the game, so if you're struggling to find them all, read on.

You can also use the interactive Horizon Zero Dawn map, just below, to make your search even easier.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Ancient Vessel Locations

Like many open-world games, Horizon Zero Dawn has a ton of collectibles for players to get and they can lead to some great rewards that will help you out later on.

While getting all of these collectibles can feel a bit repetitive, just like any other open-world game, Horizon Zero Dawn usually makes collecting these items worthwhile, like the Ancient Vessels, which you can exchange for some Reward Boxes.

Here are the locations for Horizon Zero Dawn’s Ancient Vessels.

Set 1

  • Cup 1: Go to the west of Meridian, you should see the cup behind a small, ruined wall to the south west of the Sawtooth Site icon.
  • Cup 2: In the bottom left area of Devil’s Thirst, look at the pile of trash in the river to find the cup.
  • Cup 3: Near the bandit camp in Devil’s Thirst, head north to find a bridge, look west of that bridge and you’ll see the cup on top of some garbage.
  • Cup 4: Still in Devil’s Thirst, go south of the bandit camp to find the cup in some trash.

Set 2

  • Cup 1: Head west of Devil’s Grief, keep heading west and you’ll find the cup in no time.
  • Cup 2: In the center of Devil’s Grief, you can see the cup in a trash pile next to a path that heads west.
  • Cup 3: Southern area of Devil’s Grief, you’ll see a ruined building where the cup will be.
  • Cup 4: Go to The Shattered Kiln bandit camp, head north west of the camp and you’ll find the cup on top of garbage.

Set 3

  • Cup 1: Head to the desert area north of Meridian, you’ll find the cup in the bottom of a quarry where you originally saved Olin.
  • Cup 2: Go to Maker’s End, and head north of the bonfire where you’ll easily find it.
  • Cup 3: In the game’s final area, head to the part called Dimmed Bones and you will see the cup right next to the path.
  • Cup 4: Right before the entrance to a facility in Maker’s End, you will see this cup right of the path.
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