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All Horizon Forbidden West Cast & Voice Actors Confirmed So Far

If the PS5 didn’t sell out so quickly, we’d say that Horizon Forbidden West would be an easy system-seller for the next-gen console, given how acclaimed its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn, was.

There’s no doubt that the sequel is going to blow our socks off and we’re hyped to see Aloy again, hopefully, this year, with actress Ashly Burch reprising her role as the red-headed heroine of this open-world game.

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All Horizon Forbidden West Cast & Voice Actors Confirmed So Far

However, it’s not just Ashly Burch who will be in the game as a number of actors have been cast in Horizon Forbidden West.

While the full cast has yet to be revealed, here are some of the actors who have been confirmed for Horizon Forbidden West.

Ashly Burch


Burch will be reprising her role as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and is also the voice of Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Avengers.

We’ve seen Burch deliver a number of excellent performances before and we’re sure she’ll do the same again here.

Alison Jaye

Previously voicing Mila from Apex Legends, Alison Jaye will make her Horizon debut in Horizon Forbidden West, though not much has been revealed as about her character.

No doubt she’ll do a bang-up job with whoever she ends up portraying in the game.

Geno Segers

Geno is a veteran voice actor, previously portraying characters in Mafia 3, Voltron: The Legendary Defender, and even Fortnite.

Like Alison Jaye, we don’t know much about the character Geno will be portraying but expect him to be someone interesting, given the first game’s track record.

Lance Reddick


Returning from Horizon Zero Dawn, Reddick will be reprising his role as Sylens, one of the most important characters in the game.

Unsurprisingly, he’s expected to play a major role in Horizon Forbidden West and we’re sure Reddick will knock it out of the park once again.

Nigel Barber

Nigel is another actor returning to Horizon Forbidden West, reprising his role as Uthid from the first game.

We’re sure Uthid will be helping out Aloy in the sequel after she saved his life, though most of us are expecting a twist somewhere in regards to this character.