Horizon Forbidden West Tribes Explained

Horizon Forbidden West Tenakth Chief

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game from Guerilla Games. It's the sequel to 2017's highly-successful Horizon Zero Dawn. Six months after the end of Zero Dawn, the world is in trouble, and it's down to Aloy to try to save it again. To do this, she must leave the safety of the Sundom and head into the Forbidden West.

Along the way, Aloy will come across tribes that she already knows and new ones that she'll need to learn about. We do know that some of Aloy's new friends come from a few of the tribes she'll encounter on her quest to save the world. It seems that each tribe will offer unique benefits such as weapons and armour that you can get specifically from them. Everything else that we know about the tribes at the moment comes from a PlayStation Blog Post and the Meet the Tribes Trailer.

In this guide, we're going to explain a bit about each one of the tribes of the Forbidden West.

The Tribes of the Forbidden West


The Oseram live on the edge of the Sundom. They featured heavily in Zero Dawn, so those of you who have played the game will be aware of this Tribe. They are talented Tinkers and Builders who were responsible for some of the best gear in the original game. Also, they really enjoyed a good celebration (and an alcoholic beverage or two). It seems that not much has changed about this tribe in this game either. Erend, a character in Zero Dawn and in Forbidden West, is an Oseram.


The Carja are, for lack of a better description, the high society of the Sundom. They maintain the border between the Sundom and the mysterious lands of the Forbidden West. This tribe also featured heavily in Zero Dawn. As they hold the border, it's likely that they will be most prominent at the beginning of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West Utaru in a field devastated by the red blight, looking at stormy sky
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The Utaru are one of the next tribes that Aloy will meet in the Forbidden West. From the trailer, we know that they are based in an area called "Plainsong" and that they may be the ones that are hit the hardest by the red plague. Not much else is known about this tribe apart from the fact that they sing hymns to try to heal their land.


The Tenakth tribe is made up of three separate clans. From the information we were given in the trailer, it seems that the clans had previously been at war for generations. However, they are now in a state of peace that could be broken at any moment.

Each clan controls and lives in drastically different areas. As seen in the footage, one clan has a settlement balanced above a large waterfall. Another clan has a settlement at the top of a Mountain. So far, we know that one of Aloy's new allies called Kotallo is a Tenakth Warrior.

Horizon Forbidden West Regalla
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Regalla and The Rebels

Regalla is one of the biggest threats that's facing the Forbidden West (apart from the red plague). Somehow, she knows how to control a variety of machines and has taught her rebels to do the same. This means that they use their machines to terrorise the Forbidden West. We know from the Story Trailer that Regalla's goal is to kill anyone who has wrong her and anyone who dares to stand in her way.

Unknown Tribe

At the very end of the trailer where we are introduced to some of the tribes, we are given a brief teaser of another one. Not much is known about them at the moment. The only things we do know are that they are meant to be extremely powerful and that they live beyond the shore at the edge of the Forbidden West.

We will update this page as we learn more about the different Tribes in the Forbidden West.

The tribes are not the only new thing that Aloy will need to learn to navigate to survive in Horizon Forbidden West. There are a lot of new and fierce machines that she'll have to fight. Take a look at our machines guide to learn more about the new and returning machines in the sequel. Of course, she'll need strong weapons to defend herself with. We've listed all of the new weapons and ammunition types in our weapons list.

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