Horizon Forbidden West Tremortusk Guide: How to Defeat and Weaknesses

Horizon Forbidden West. Aloy is facing a large and angry Tremortusk machine on a beach.

Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game from Guerilla Games and is the highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Six months after the ending of the first game, Aloy is back on another quest to save her world. A mysterious red plague is infecting the land, destroying or corrupting anything it touches. It's down to the Aloy to figure out what this is and how to stop it.

In true Horizon fashion, Aloy will come up against multiple new and deadly machines on her journey. Some are less intimidating than others but each one will require a different battle strategy to defeat it. One of the largest machines in the game is the Tremortusk. It seems that this colossal machine has several tricks hidden up its trunk to use in battle.

We're going to show you how to defeat it and what its weaknesses are. Once you know how to beat it, fighting against it may become quite fun.

How to Defeat and Weaknesses

So far, it seems that the Tremortusk machine has two major weaknesses. If you aim for and repeatedly attack these spots, you should be able to heavily damage the machine.

  • Underbelly: The underbelly of a Tremortusk is yellow. Once the machine rears up to attack, you should fire as much as you can at this section. Each time you hit this section, you will inflict a substantial amount of damage on the machine. If you manage to destroy this section entirely, it will significantly reduce its health and possibly bring the fight to an end.
  • Tusk Tips: The Tremortusk has, as the name suggests, mechanical tusks on either side of its trunk. At the tip of each tusk is a section that is slightly orange. This is what you want to aim for. If you repeatedly hit these and destroy them, the Tremortusk will lose a portion of its health.

Usually, scanning a machine with Aloy's focus will help you to find the weak points on each machine.

In the state of play gameplay trailer for the game, Aloy can be seen battling a Tremortusk. During this battle she uses the following ammunition, all of which are effective in defeating it:

  • Explosive Javelin
  • Advanced Arrows (formerly Hard Point)
  • Sticky Grenades

There is a pattern with this ammunition type. They can all be used at a distance from the enemy. This suggests that the best way to battle and defeat a Tremortusk is to use powerful ranged weapons from a safe distance.

This is speculation, we will update this page once the game releases.

Horizon Forbidden West Aloy is riding a machine and facing a Tremortusk being controlled by rebel raiders
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What Is a Tremortusk?

A Tremortusk seems to be one of the larger machines that Aloy will face in the Forbidden West. As we can tell from the trailers, many Tremortusks are controlled by the rebel raiders and are used to attack others. The machines can be mounted by the enemy but it is still unclear if this is something Aloy will be able to do too. If you find a Tremortusk in the wild, it's very likely it isn't alone as they like to be in herds.

There will be plenty of new and returning weapons for you to use in Horizon Forbidden West. Each one has its own unique firing pattern, fighting style, and damage range. As this is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, you may find it helpful to refresh your memory of it by reading our story re-cap.

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