Hitman 3 Dartmoor Challenges: Another Death In the Family, One For The Ages And More

Hitman 3, the final instalment of the “World of Assassination” trilogy is out now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Throughout the game, there are a variety of challenges that can be completed and often involve Agent 47 eliminating a specific target.

Throughout the second mission, Death in the Family, there are a total of six challenges that can be completed.

Find out how to complete each of the challenges with our comprehensive walkthrough!

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Another Death In The Family

Hitman 3 another death in the family challenge
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This particular challenge is the easiest of the six to complete.

As you wonder around the Carlisle estate, you will eventually come across Alexa Carlisle moving around the house on a regular basis. Use Agent 47’s instincts to follow her movements.

Alexa will make her way into the dining room which is located on the ground floor to deliver a speech to her family members. Shortly after the speech, you will be notified that she has been killed by a poisoning.

With Alexa dead, the challenge will have been ticked off.

One For The Ages

Hitman 3 one for the ages challenge
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The second challenge requires a bit more preparation than the first.

Exit the house and head towards the maze where you will overhear a conversation that will trigger the One for the Ages mission.

To complete the challenge, acquire a crowbar which can be found just outside of the house. If you started the mission in the garden, head towards the left where you will reach a delivery area. The crowbar is located on top of the crate close to the van.

Armed with the crowbar, take out a footman and select their outfit to blend in. Head to the dining room, through the middle door and take a left. Outside a small supply cupboard, there will be a trolley and vacuum cleaner. Enter the cupboard to acquire a screwdriver which will be required later on in the challenge.

Head back to where the photo is being taken and deal with the photographer.

TIP: The photographer sometimes walks near the garden hedges, giving you the perfect chance to take them out and hide their body in one of the gardening bins.

The next step requires a fuse. Head towards the fuse box that can be found left of the stairs leading from the dining room. Open the box, take the fuse, then place it in the other box located near the fountain. As requested by the maid, take her photo.

With the maid busy with calling the family to the fountain, select the screwdriver and expose the wiring of the plugs next to the chair. Next, equip the wrench and interact with the panel on your left to create a small puddle of water underneath the chair.

Once done, Alexa will appear and give a short speech, notices the puddle under the chair, and sits down. Take the photo to finish the job.

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I Find This Amoosing

Hitman 3 i find this amoosing challenge
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The easiest way to complete this particular challenge is to follow the detective story until a specific point in the mission.

To begin, follow Mr. Whitmer and eliminate him at the best possible moment. Wearing the outfit of the detective, talk to Mr. Fernsby or with Alexa if you manage to deal with the detective as early as possible. Head into Zachary’s room and be sure to check the laptop, note, secret passage, the floor plans, and the body using 47’s camera.

TIP: If you’re struggling to spot the items, use Instinct mode to make it easier.

With the room checked, head downstairs and ensure you have either a crowbar or a lockpick stashed in your inventory. Make your way through the kitchen and into the staff area before heading to Fernsby’s office which is concealed by locked glass doors near the fuse box outside the kitchen.

Break into the office and grab the journal and diary located on the desk. This will give you enough evidence to accuse the butler of the crime.

Talk to the butler or Alexa which will lead you to be escorted to Alexa’s office. Continue through the dialogue and accuse Fernsby of committing the crime. When asked about the reward, ask for the Edwards file to save a bit of time. Take the file from the safe and save the game.

Alexa will stroll around the office or head outside for a while, giving you the perfect chance to head upstairs. Alexa will then move through the office towards the door, walking under the moose antler chandelier. When she’s under it, shoot the chandelier with the silenced pistol to complete the challenge.

Grave Mistake

Hitman 3 grave mistake challenge
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In comparison to some of the other challenges, this one is relatively simple.

Firstly, acquire a shovel from the garden, face the greenhouse, and head to the left where you will overhear a conversation detailing Alexa’s fake funeral. Continue following the story where you’ll be prompted to trees filled with crows. Shoot the nests to clear them out of the trees.

TIP: To keep your location concealed and suspicion low, hide in the bushes before shooting the nests and make sure the silenced pistol is equipped.

Next, deal with the undertaker. He strolls around the grave site after taking a look at the portrait. When nobody’s looking, knock him unconscious and store him in a nearby garden bin. This particular part of the challenge can be tricky due to the open area which makes it very easy to be spotted.

With the undertaker taken care of, follow the on-screen prompts which will lead to the staff summoning Alexa. After she’s inspected the portrait, wait until she moves close to the grave and when the bodyguard isn’t looking, push her in. Quickly equip the shovel and interact with the pile of dirt to complete the challenge.

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Keep Calm and Aim

Hitman 3 keep calm and aim challenge
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This challenge is one of the trickier ones to accomplish, but by following these steps, it’s a walk in the park.

The first step is to acquire a sniper rifle which can be done by levelling up your rank and area mastery. Once done, enter the mansion, find the rifle, and leave it in Zachary’s room.

TIP: Be sure to have a staff or guard disguise on the ground floor ready to avoid any suspicion.

Complete the camera story to ensure Alexa is out of the house. As the maid summons her to the photo location, sprint back to the house and enter Zachary’s room. At the balcony, scale the wall, head across to the right and head up the drain pipes until you arrive at a window on the second floor.

To avoid detection, time your entrance and head into Alexa’s office. Head to the first floor of the office and onto the balcony armed with the sniper. Scope in and take out the target to finish the challenge.

Sweet Dreams

Hitman 3 sweet dreams challenge
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This is the final challenge to complete in Dartmoor and requires 47 to eliminate Alexa in her private room. 

Disguised as a bodyguard, enter Alexa's office, knock her unconscious and drag her into the room before finishing the job. 

A lot of NPCs will notice, meaning eliminating them is the only option in this somewhat messy challenge.

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