Hearthstone United In Stormwind Expansion: Exclusive Card Reveal

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Hearthstone's latest expansion, United In Stormwind, arrives in August, and Blizzard's card-battler has arguably never been better.

Just this month we were able to sit down with the game's senior designers, and now we're very proud to present an exclusive new card reveal.

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Hearthstone United In Stormwind Expansion: Exclusive Card Reveal

Check out the first look at Lightbringer's Hammer below:

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Lightbringer's Hammer is a three-cost weapon for the Paladin Class with three attack and two durability.

If you’re going to prevent total demonic destruction of a big city, you’ll need some powerful weapons to get the job done! A controlling Paladin archetype will want to take out those pesky early game minions from your opponent and being able to do that while staying at a safe life total is really valuable. Channel the light and squash your enemies as a noble, weapon-wielding Paladin.

It also has the Lifesteal keyword, meaning damage dealt can be transferred to health for a player's chosen hero. You could potentially use this to cancel out any damage taken from attacking enemy minions, assuming their attack is also three or less.

It is, however, unable to attack heroes, so you'll need to swing it at enemy units rather than your opponent themselves. And with no way that we know of to "Silence" weapons, that's likely not going to change in-game (though of course we haven't seen all the other cards yet).

The United In Stormwind expansion arrives on August 3rd. Here's what Blizzard has to say about the new content:

Welcome, adventurer, to Stormwind! This majestic capital city is a testament to all the Alliance stands for. Filled with bustling trade, shiny equipment, epic mounts, and new Questlines, Stormwind is a great place to rest and prepare for the next step in your journey. And prepare you must, as there is hidden danger lurking deep within the castle’s pristine walls. The city cannot and will not fall! Band together with old allies and new friends. Resolute and unyielding we are… United in Stormwind!