Blizzard Introduces Quilboar To Hearthstone's Battlegrounds, Alongside Battle-Ready Decks

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It's been 7 years since Hearthstone's launch, and Blizzard Entertainment's free-to-play card game is still going strong. As part of this, they've just revealed that they're adding a new minion type to Battlegrounds within the 20.2 patch, calling them Quilboar.

As part of this, Battlegrounds is implementing a new gameplay mechanic called "Blood Gems", offering spells that give a friendly minion +1/+1. We're also being introduced to "Battle-Ready Decks", offering a convenient method of sorting their collection from the class of your choice.


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Hearthstone Introduces Quilboar To Battlegrounds, Alongside Battle-Ready Decks

Launching on May 4, players can expect to see 17 new minions including, alongside 3 new heroes, who've been outlined below:

  • Xyrella – See the Light (2) Choose a minion in Bob’s Tavern to add to your hand. Set its stats to 2.
  • Death Speaker Blackthorn – Bloodbound (Passive) After you upgrade Bob’s Tavern, gain 2 Blood Gems.
  • Vol’jin – Spirit Swap (0) Choose two minions. Swap their stats.

Decks can be purchased from the web and in-game shops, and for full details on what each new card offers, you'll find those outlined on Hearthstone's latest blog post.