Is Harvest Moon One World Multiplayer?

Harvest Moon One World will be coming to Nintendo Switch, no doubt players want to know more.

If you're a fan of Stardew Valley you might be wondering if you can play Harvest Moon One World with friends.

If you head to the titles official site there's very limited information at the moment.

Here's what we know about multiplayer in Harvest Moon's newest game.

Information on this title is currently limited and we'll be sure to update as more news is released.

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Is Harvest Moon One World Multiplayer?

Previous titles in the series have mostly been a singleplayer experience.

Multiplayer hasn't been a major focus for the games.

It seems unlikely that One World will support multiplayer.

So, you'll likely be playing alone.

Although Stardew Valley was originally singleplayer and eventually became compatible to play with others.

Maybe this could happen with Harvest Moon One World too, don't give up hope!

It would likely be profitable in terms of the Nintendo Online Subscription too.

For now, we'll go with a no when it comes to multiplayer, but we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Either way, the newest title in the series looks to be a great one!

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