Halo Developers Confirm Original Game Didn't Have A Campaign

The Halo series is one of the longest-running first-person shooters on consoles, with a deep lore that fans have grown to love. However, the original developers have confirmed that the game actually didn't have a story when it was first being made.

Stefan Sinclair, who worked as a programmer on the original game, was- speaking with Retro Gamer magazine (Via, Gamesradar) and explained that the first Halo was intended to be multiplayer-only.

In fact, a server connection was required for the development team to play the game during testing.

"Halo had been developed for internet multiplayer even in its most primordial forms" said Sinclair.

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It's suggested that the shooter was being made with the intention of the game being used to help push the upcoming Xbox Live multiplayer service for the original Xbox.

Considering the expansive story involving the Spartan soldiers, alien armed forces, the Guardians, Cortana, and other elements that now make this game's story, it's pretty wild to think of the game without a campaign. Even if Halo Infinite can currently be enjoyed without the need to play the games campaign story mode.

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