Halo Infinite Devs Admit Shop Was Not Providing "Value, Quality, or Price"

Halo Infinite's shop is a beast in itself, packing a host of armour and gear to jazz up your Spartans. Even though it is easy to navigate, many complained about the store's initial collection of poor loot - to which, 343 Industries has acknowledged.

In their latest community post, the developer confirms that the store was refreshed following the holidays.

Halo Infinite Devs Admit Shop Was Not Providing "Value, Quality, or Price"

According to this post, the developer realised Infinite's shop was not meeting the needs and expectations of buyers, resulting in its major shift after Christmas.

Our quick shift post holidays was in recognition that we were not delivering on value, quality, or price. The offers we are running now, and will continue to run throughout S1, are to help us learn what is working and what’s not.
Halo Infinite's main shop menu.
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These changes are being heavily monitored. Depending on feedback, more improvements could be implemented when Season 2 launches.

343 also responded to queries on whether certain bundles would return to the shop, to which, they confirm they will but in rotation:

We are looking at this on a bundle-by-bundle basis. Some bundles will come back into rotation and some will be broken up to allow players to purchase their individual items. We’ll have more info to share on this in the future.

Along with the next Season, Halo Infinite is prepping for the launch of co-op multiplayer and campaign modes. A forge mode is also coming in the next few months.

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