Halo Infinite: What is RRR (Red Reticle Range)?

Halo Infinite offers the best and biggest collection of weapons in the franchise so far. And just like previous episodes, 343 Industries' latest entry brings Red Reticle Range (RRR) back.

RRR is one of the most important gameplay elements and is a little different this time around. We break down everything we know about Red Reticle Range (RRR).

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Halo Infinite: What is RRR (Red Reticle Range)?

When using a weapon and an enemy Spartan enters the crosshairs, the reticle will suddenly turn red. This means that your foe is in range and indicates that aim assist is currently active. If you shoot when the reticle turns red, all bullets and projectiles are directed towards the red point and evidently, your enemy.

It's especially handy for weapons like the Energy Sword and the Pulse Carbine, as you can ensure either your big lunge towards your opponent or a lot of handy aim assist action.

A spartan aims a gun at an enemy.
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Credit: 343 Industries

The distance between your gun and the enemy impacts the point at which the crosshair turns red. The RRR is also affected by the guns used and the extent to which you zoom in or out. So if your foe is too far away, aim assist will not be active.

Halo Infinite also marks the return of other classic elements, including Steaktacular and even EMP-ing vehicles.

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