Halo Infinite Problem With Dedicated Server: How to Fix

Having problems with the dedicated server in Halo Infinite? You're not alone. Lots of players have run into an issue that means they can't play the game when they'd like to.

So, is there any way to fix this 'dedicated server' issue? Well, here are a few things you can try - although there's always the possibility that you'll need to wait for bug fixes from the developer side.

Problem With Dedicated Server Fixes

First, it's a good idea to find out whether the servers are down for any other reason. If you have a look at Down Detector, you'll be able to see the number of outages reported for Halo Infinite at the current time. If there's a significant spike or high number, chances are you'll just have to wait for the dev team to push a fix.

Another potential fix (if a little cliched) is to turn the game off and back on again. If you're on PC this is a matter of closing the window, but on Xbox you'll want to press Start when hovering over the game in your main menu and select 'Quit'. This fully closes the game and forces it to fully restart itself. It's a fix for a lot of Halo Infinite's problems considering the game's struggles with Quick Resume failing to get players online.

Of course, failing this you can always restart your entire console.

Unfortunately, there isn't a guaranteed fix for the issue, but hopefully, these simple solutions have helped you get back into the game. If so, why not learn a bit more about the Halo Infinite map callouts for multiplayer? If not, you might fancy hopping into campaign mode where we have a full collectables map available for you to peruse.

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