Halo Infinite: What Does 'Steaktacular' Mean?

Halo Infinite marks the return of gameplay elements from classic games, including more of the franchise's historic vehicles. And now, 'Steaktacular' is also back!

Last seen in Halo Reach and evident in The Master Chief Collection, the multiplayer medal returns with some significant changes.

We break down what Steaktacular is, the achievement's history, and how you can earn this difficult token.

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What Is 'Steaktacular'?

Steaktacular is a special multiplayer medal that is awarded to players after competing in a Slayer match. To earn the token, the opponent's team score has to be less than 60% of your team. This means that your team has to win as well as dominate the other team, by outscoring them by 60% or more.

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Clearly, it's a rare achievement to gain as the medal is granted based not only on your performance but also on the rest of your team's. The announcer shouts "Steaktacular" at the end of the game, acknowledging your achievement (via SychoSide at 0:45).

Where Did Steaktacular Come From?

The inception of the token (via Halopedia) dates back to when Bungie Studios was developing Halo titles and during one annual Humpday Challenge involving the company's employees and fan communities. The franchise's Lead Artist at the time, Luke Smith made a bet against Frank O'Connor, the Franchise Development Director of Halo at 343 Industries (was previously a Content Manager for Bungie).

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Credit: Bungie

Smith pledged that his team could win by 20 points or more against O'Connor's team, putting a real cow at stake, hence the term "Luke owes you a steak dinner". Smith eventually won by 50 points compared to O'Connor's 21.

Previous Meanings Of Steaktacular

First introduced in Halo 3, Steaktacular was previously granted only if the winning team had 20 kills or more than the losing team's tally. This was clearly inspired by the bet between Frank and Luke.

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Bungie eventually changed the rules for Steaktacular in Halo Reach, introducing the 60% figure. But, it was eventually abandoned after 343 Industries took over Halo development duties. With Steaktacular's return, this marks the first apperance in a mainline Halo entry since Bungie's exit.

Steaktacular is clearly one of the hardest medals to get. But it feels kind of nice when you hear Jeff Steitzer pleasantly announce "Steaktacular". While Halo Infinite is still in beta mode, its first big event in Fractures: Tenrai is starting soon. You can also find out more details on the free and paid rewards included in the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass.

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